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Dental restorations, sometimes known as dental fillings or just fillings, are procedures used to restore functionality, strength, and aesthetics of lost tooth structure caused by cavities or external injuries and replace lost structure with implants. 

What are the Different Types of Fillings?

Many different types of substances can be used to fill cavities. The most common material used is amalgam. It is a composite of a variety of metals like silver, copper, tin, and mercury. It is often silver-colored, and most patients are familiar with it. Amalgam has been used successfully for decades to fill cavities with stability, durability, ease of use, and low cost.

Owing to its superior endurance, gold fillings are popular in certain countries, even if they are costly, and the color is generally much more noticeable than the silver amalgam, which poses specific cosmetic concerns. Composite, which is formed of acrylic resin combined with ceramic powder, is a much-preferred filling option that matches perfectly with your natural teeth.

What Kind of Wear and Tear are They Subject to?

Patients who grind their teeth at night and clench their teeth under stressful situations can cause significant damage to their teeth and fillings and dramatically limit the longevity of fillings. When you grind your teeth at night, speak to your dentist about acquiring a nightguard to preserve your fillings and protect your teeth.

Do Dental Fillings last long?

A variety of factors determines a filling’s longevity. The very first consideration is the material of the fillings. Generally, gold fillings are seen to last up to three decades. Amalgams have a 15-year lifespan, whereas composite fillings only last 5 to 7 years. The predicted lifespans are simply estimates. Other conditions like environmental influences, dietary habits, variances between persons in bacteria living in your mouths, and random oral trauma also affect the longevity of fillings.

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