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Root Canal Treatment in Surprise, AZ

Root Canal is an oral procedure that is performed to decontaminate infected teeth. The process repairs the tooth affected by cavities by removing the infected pulp and nerves. At Desert Cactus Dentistry, the dentists perform root canal therapy on patients to stop the spread of infections in the mouth.   

Benefits of Root Canal

  • Root Canal helps to reduce the excruciating pain caused by the decayed tooth. It also prevents the spread of bacteria in the mouth.
  • The process enhances the appearance of the patient by improving the smile of the person.
  • It is an efficient and cost-effective procedure. The process saves the teeth from severe complications that can lead to dental extraction. 
  • The functionality of the teeth is restored through root canal therapy. 
  • Root canal promotes the overall dental hygiene of the patient. It helps to avoid a serious threat to the patients' dental health through an untreated tooth.

How is Root Canal Performed?

The dentist performs a comprehensive exam of the patient's dental health. It helps to analyze the dental condition of the infected tooth. X-rays are obtained from digital imaging systems, which provide a better view of the teeth. A treatment plan is drafted for the patient, which helps to resolve the dental condition.

Anesthesia is used to numb the area in treatment which helps to avoid discomfort during the procedure. The dentist secures a rubber sheet on the infected tooth to keep it dry and free from saliva. The dentist drills the infected tooth and cleans the tooth using dental tools. The infected pulp and nerves are removed from the teeth and cleaned to decontaminate them.

The dentists suggest tooth filling to protect the teeth from further complications. The patient can choose the filling material which is inserted into the hollow area and sealed. Minore discomfort after the treatment is normal and can be reduced with the help of medications prescribed by the dentist. A regular visit to the dentist is necessary to analyze the outcome of the treatment. 

Root Canal is the best treatment for patients who have decayed teeth. It provides excellent results and prevents the spread of bacteria in the mouth.

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