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Tooth Extractions in Surprise, AZ

Tooth Extractions refer to the removal of a tooth from its socket. The process is considered vital to stop the spread of bacteria in the mouth. It also helps to alleviate the extreme pain caused by an infected tooth. Desert Cactus Dentistry has efficient dentists who perform tooth extractions for patients.

Why do you need a Tooth Extraction?

You require a tooth extraction if you have the following dental condition

  • Misshapen teeth: If you have a tooth that has grown in an unusual way, you need to get an extraction done to avoid dental problems.
  • Tooth Decay:If you have teeth with cavities that cannot be treated through root canal therapy, you may require an extraction.
  • Crowded mouth: Too many teeth in the mouth can cause bite conditions. To align the teeth through orthodontic treatment, the patient will have to undergo an extraction.
  • Risk of infection: A patient who has gum disease can spread infections in the mouth. It can cause irreparable damage to the tooth and the patient will require extraction to stop the spread of bacteria. 

Facts about Tooth Extractions

  • Tooth extraction is a quick procedure that can be performed in a single dental appointment.
  • The patient requires an extended period of two weeks for complete healing of the extraction process. 
  • Blood clots that appear in the extraction site are normal and will disappear soon.
  • The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure as they are provided anesthesia. 

How is Tooth extraction performed?

A complete dental checkup is provided to the patient before the procedure. It helps to analyze the patient's oral condition. The dentist suggests tooth extraction for patients who have irreparable teeth. The patient is provided anesthesia which helps to numb the extraction site. This step helps to avoid any discomfort to the patient during the procedure.

A small incision is made on the gums, which helps to see the inside of the tooth. The dentist uses a dental instrument named an elevator to remove the tooth from the socket. The incision made in the gum tissue is sewn back, which helps in aiding better healing of the extraction site.

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