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Comprehensive Exams in Surprise, AZ

Comprehensive Exams are performed on patients to analyze their current dental condition. It evaluates various parts of the body like the mouth, teeth, gums, neck, jaws and throat. The process helps to detect early signs of diseases that the patient may have.

At Desert Cactus Dentistry, the dentists conduct comprehensive oral examinations and provide treatments that can help resolve the dental condition.

Benefits of Comprehensive Exams

  • Comprehensive Exams help to detect and treat oral cancer at the earliest.
  • It shows signs and symptoms of periodontal diseases.
  • The process helps to examine dental irregularities. 
  • Provides more insight into the dental hygiene of the patient.
  • Comprehensive Exams help to avoid severe dental conditions by treating them.
  • The dentists also examine the teeth to find cracks or fractures.

Signs that you may need a comprehensive exam 

  • A loose tooth
  • Patches inside the mouth
  • Severe mouth pain
  • Difficulty while swallowing food
  • Swelling on the lips or gums
  • Ear pain

What are the steps involved in Comprehensive Exams?

  • The dentists examine the gumline and check the presence of indicators that signal gum disease.
  • Digital imaging systems we used to closely observe lumps and lesions in the mouth.
  • Alignment of the teeth and jaw are checked to avoid bite conditions and speech impairments.
  • The dentists check for proper maintenance of dental restoration.

Services included in Comprehensive Exams.

  • Patient Interview

During the comprehensive dental examination, the dentist enquires about the patient's medical history. The patient can share their dental concerns to provide more insight into their dental health.

  • Screening

The dentists use instruments that help to view all parts of the mouth in detail. Digital imaging systems help to obtain X-Rays that provide a complete view of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaws and throat.

  • Oral Examination and Cleaning

A comprehensive exam involves an assessment of the previous dental work. BIte issues and signs of tooth decay can be detected through the process. The dentist performs a dental cleaning to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar from the mouth. 

  • Diagnosis

With the help of the information attained from the tests, the dentists draft a treatment plan for the patient. They also recommended lifestyle changes that can help maintain good dental hygiene. 

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