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Professional teeth whitening is performed by dentists and is considered a safe option compared to the over-the-counter whitening kits. The dentist performs the necessary steps that can help provide appropriate results to the patient.


Patients who have undergone root canal therapy due to tooth decay or cavities require a dental filling. Various materials are used as fillings that help seal the infected tooth and avoid any further complications.


Most patients tend to have plaque and tartar on their teeth and inside their gumlines, leading to various dental diseases. The dentist performs deep cleaning to remove them and helps the patient to maintain good dental hygiene.


Most people consider Invisalign over braces as it is invisible on the teeth. Braces are significant and visible on the teeth, making it a less preferable choice for the treatment. Invisalign is removable and is manageable than braces.


Patients who have undergone complete tooth loss or partial tooth loss can comfortably wear dentures. The latest technologies enable the dentist to provide customized and perfect;y fitting dental prosthetic devices to the patients.


Extraction is performed by a general dentist as well as an oral surgeon. General dentists attend to simple extractions, while oral surgeons attend to both simple and surgical extractions.


Before the extraction procedure is initiated, the dentist provides anesthesia to the patient, which helps to avoid discomfort during the treatment. The mild or moderate pain after the treatment can be reduced with the painkillers prescribed by the dentist.


The healing period varies from patient to patient. Following the aftercare instructions provided by the dentist can help speed the recovery period.


Smoking is strictly prohibited after the extraction process. It leads to complications that can hamper the healing process. The patient may also experience dry sockets and may undergo the risk of infections.


The dentist advises the patient to follow the aftercare instructions to avoid any chance of mishappenings. They provide all the necessary input to the patients that help them heal faster from the procedure.


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